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The Research Institute of personal psychological trauma (RIPPT) was founded in 2002. The direction of work in our Institute wasn’t chosen by chance, it was dictated by the time.

All the problems people face during their lives have direct or indirect connection with childhood. But not everyone thinks about mother love influence, marital relationships, emotional rupture among family members, close relatives loss as well as emotional rupture or merger in several generations.

These and other questions we research in our Istitute.

Nobody is born happy or unhappy. Internal and external reasons control the periods of pleasure or displeasure. We pass on our children only those things we have learnt ourselves.

A.Jerspid, describing emotional development of children, noted that children’s possibility to love is closely connected with the love he got himself as well as the form of this love. So, many personal problems are the consequence of psychological trauma in childhood. The trauma breaks person’s integrity and it, in turn, affects forming a picture of the world. A view through the prism of psychological trauma distorts a perseption of the world. Big agression, emotional deafness, hostility, problems in private life... These and others questions stimulated us to research the influence of psychological trauma in chilhood to personal psychophysiological condition for understanding the Nature of these deformations.

We aim to systematize the information about personal integrity and find initial reasons that break this integrity.

To achieve our aim we do things below:

• We introduce theoretical and practical methods of correction the psychological trauma

• We teach to diagnose and observe the series of reasons and consequences

• We help to choose the methods of correction to improve psychophysiological condition

The results of our work:

• An expanding of vision about the world and ourselves

• A contact with the Nature

• A harmonization of relationships

• Developing a greater understanding of the events in our lives

• Conscious forming of your fate

There were a lot of chages in the Institute during its work. A great research is doing by us for person’s psychology.

Author’s methods for psychological trauma correction and work with negative parents attitudes have been worked out and introduced to the Institute activity.

Our Institute has worked out a special programme for children called “Hello, world and happy childhood!”, which based on health-keeping technologies. The programme was recommended to schools and kindergartens.

We have developed an integrated programme for disabled people to help them in opening thier own creativity.

Today, our great-prepared specialists work all over Russia: St.Petersburg, Moscow, Ufa and others. They work as a psychologists in the schools and kindergartens, business trainers, staff managers.

Foremost are the results of our listeners. There are not only scientific and practical activity in our Institute. During the last years exellent traditions of mutual aid, support and celebrations were formed. We used to friend with each other. It is also a possibility for our teachers to see results of their work. Today, the generation of children developed on RIPPT’ ideas, has already grown. If parents bring us their children, they are pleased with the result. So, you will have it, too.

Our activity is based on 5 principles of living. Realization of these ones guarantees personal well-doing. Our listeners and patients confirm it.

They are:

1. Positive thinking, prayer, meditation.

It’s basic principle. Observance of this one provides well-doing to everybody. But, its realization isn’t easy as it seems. It is not only “see things in the most favourable light”. First of all, it is positive relation with yourself. It is ability to love and take yourself as you are. Meditation is the concentration until thought relaxtion ( by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov). It is alter condition of your consciousness, when your thoughs are quiet and you can do a great work inside. Everybody reaches this state during their lives spontaneously. But you can reach it consciously.

When there is no war in the head, organizm is in the mood for harmonic work. In the East people believe: if person meditates, he deserves a piece of bread.

Nowadays, people are interested in oriental technics like meditation. It seems meditation is a relaxtion to music. Other people think it is something mystic. But, everything has been scientifically proven. During the meditation human brain generates and radiate alpha-rhythm. Setting and harmonization the work of internal organs take place in your head all along the meditation.

Meditation gives an impression of insight, you can take needed information, get the knowledges and answer your questions through the canal.

2. Good physical shape

Physical shape should provide not only somatic health. First of all, it should assist the correct circulation of energy in human body. You can reach it by health-improving gymnastics which intended to work with energy. The most popular ways are yoga and Chi Kung.

3. Regular breathing

Deep yoga breathing provides full satisfaction with energy at the rest as well as during the load. Breathing is the first function after birth and the last one after end. It’s not only gas exchange. People always attended to breathing technics called pranayama, because breathing controls emotions of each person.

Regular breathing fills each person with energy dissolved in ambient space (Prana, Chi) and gets to organizm with the air. The unique healing influence of pranayama to different diseases had been time-proven.

4. Healthy nutrition

Healthy nutrition should correspond to all costs of energy and give less waste products. It is topically today because we lost the culture of rational nutrition. We eat a lot of refinements (white flour, white sugar, salt), products with artificial preservatives, colouring materials, flavour intensifiers. We live in the difficult ecological situation (deficit of vitamins and minerals). So, we have the result – a great number of waste products we have in our organizm, lowering the health level among population. In spite of having an effective methods of body purification and developing pharmacology, you should remember: “It is clean where not littered”.

5. Correct relaxation.

A person can work hard if he can relax in time. It’s important to give yourself about one hour a day, one day a month and one month a year. Relaxation divides into physical, mental, moral and psychological ones.

The most popular way is a sleep as well as Russian banya and meditation.

If you want to be an interesting person and correspond to the time, you sould develop yourself.

Constant moving helps you to reach your happiness. Most importantly, to find the right way.

It’s not without reason that we have the motto: ”The true way is the way you’ve laid yourself”.

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