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Confortable-to-Nature therapy

Confortable-to-Nature therapy


All the difficulties faced by people throughout their lives, either directly or indirectly associated with childhood. But not everyone thinks about the impact of maternal love, conjugal relations, emotional divide between family members, loss of loved ones, as well as emotional ruptures and mergers in several generations.

Many human problems are the result of psychological trauma in childhood. This injury affects the integrity of the individual, which, in turn, affects the formation of the world picture of man. The prism of the trauma invariably distorts perception of reality. This prompted us to turn to the consideration of the influence of the trauma of the early period in the psychophysiological state of man in order to understand the nature of deformations emerging on this way.

Confortable-to-Nature therapy is a comprehensive program of correction the trauma, efforts to restore the integrity of the person.


According to the Wu Xing system all Universe including the Earth and the Human is made up of five kinds of energy or the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water.

Those elements influence one another. There is a generating circle: Wood generates Fire, Fire-Earth, Earth-Metal, Metal-Water, Water-Wood; as well as the oppression circle: Wood oppresses Earth, Earth-Water, Water-Fire, Fire-Metal, Metal-Wood.

All the phenomena of nature, human activities, feelings and human health are also divided by five elements. Each element has its own pair of bodies. The diagram represents an element, its color, season, phenomena of nature, a stage in the life cycle, the body system a human, activity, his feelings and tastes.


The element of Water.

In the Water the seed of life wakes up and starts to develop. Water-is the state to begin human life. It is the prenatal period as well as the old age.

The element of Wood.

In Wu Xing the quality of growth and stimulation corresponds to the energy of "Wood". Wood is the quality of energy that allows a small sprout to break asphalt and to find its way to the life-giving light of the sun. This is a time of active growth and development.

The element of Fire.

Fire - the stage when we are young, active, when there is a lot of changes in our lives. This is a time of desire, emotional involvement, first love. Fire is also creativity, experiments, transformation, the ability to change and enter new levels of perception.

The element of Earth.

The energy of this element encourages people to contemplation, meditation, refining lessons learned and implementation.

The element of Metal.

Everyone comes to a point in life when one can share his experience with somebody. This is the time of Metal. Appeasement, rethinking, wisdom-that is typical for this period.


Counting the reference numbers.

Example. Date of birth 12.09.1974

First reference number is the sum of all numbers in birth date:

1+2+9+1+9+7+4=33 (1)

Second reference number - addition of the numbers of the first reference number:

3+3=6 (2)

Third reference number - from the first reference number subtract a doubled first digit of the date of birth.

33-1x2=33-2=31 (3)

Fourth reference number - addition of the numbers of the third one:

3+1=4 (4)

Let's write down the results: 12.09.1974= 33 = 6 = 31 = 4

(1) (2) (3) (4)

Significance of numbers

(The main characteristics: positive and negative)

1 - leadership and self-interest

2 - creativity, the unconscious and negative emotions

3 - active measures, information, and aggression

4 - Intelligence, writing, outer beauty

5 - logic, intuition, balance, rule of law

6 - love, money and hatred, destruction

7 - guardian angel, the expansion of ideas about the world, self-discipline andlaziness

8 - patience and sense of duty

9 - memory, vision, harmony with the universe and rancor, the lack of implementation


Element Wood - above all the growth, development, movement - dance therapy and Qigong.

Element Fire - large intellectual and creative activity - methods of psychological activation of thinking, numerical analysis and art therapy in any form.

Element Earth - contemplation and reflection, the implementation -yoga,meditation and vocal (singing) therapy as working on self-realization area.

Element Metal - comfort, wisdom, emotional control, internal order -breathing techniques, church, prayer, hard elements of Qigong.

Element Water - in the past rivers served as the roads, so first of all travel and pilgrimage, as well as interaction with water: swimming in the ice hole, dousing with cold water.

And every kind of therapy can be decomposed into a small star, also by the five elements.

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